Official distributor of Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems

The «Peter Soft» Ltd. is a partner and official distributor of CADENCE Design Systems and supplies such products as Allegro, AWR DE, OrCAD, Sigrity, Clarity, Celsius and Virtuoso to the Russian market. The company’s customers include leading Russian state-owned concerns, holdings, and commercial enterprises.

Cadence is a leader in the field of electronic design, drawing on more than 30 years of experience with computing software. The company applies its basic smart system design strategy to deliver software, hardware, and IP addresses that turn design concepts into reality.

Main products:

  • AWR Design Environment is a full-fledged platform for developing and modeling RF and microwave devices, providing circuit modeling, simulation, and 2D / 3D electromagnetic verification of active and passive circuits, antenna devices, and systems;
  • Virtuoso provides an end-to-end RF design route that includes the key design tools and technologies needed to create, analyze, and model RF integrated circuits and modules in a Virtuoso environment, which simplifies topology verification (LVS) and design standards control (DRC) during full physical project verification;
  • Sigrity is a leading solution for signal integrity analysis with the ability to take into account power supply and issues of electromagnetic compatibility of printed circuit boards and ICS;
  • OrCAD — design system of printed circuit boards in the base configuration representing the reduced functionality of the Allegro to optimize the company’s budget and includes the necessary tools: schematic editor and PCB editor with basic functionality, including the calculation of impedance with differential pairs, control of the design code, a 3D editor and full functional for importing and exporting projects;
  • Allegro is a professional high-level PCB design system of any complexity, offering a simple user-friendly interface, high stability and unprecedented scalability;
  • Clarity is the industry’s best 3D electromagnetic simulator for simulating printed circuit boards, integrated circuit housings, and systems-on-a-chip, capable of analyzing the most complex structures without having to decompose the problem into smaller structures, while performing calculations up to 10 times faster thanks to the innovative parallelization methods embedded in the simulator;
  • Celsius Thermal Solver is the industry’s first full-fledged electrothermal simulator for end-to-end analysis of complex systems. Innovative parallelization algorithms provide a 10-fold increase in performance while maintaining the accuracy of existing solutions.