We have successfully established ourselves in the development and production of software and hardware for industrial and scientific automation, diagnostics, management and modeling. While maximizing the capabilities of the most modern computer and information technologies, our approaches have significantly increased productivity and reduced the cost of solutions by using simple and multifunctional software, as well as modular equipment designed for measurement and control tasks. Our main guidelines are: full satisfaction of each customer’s requests, integrated approaches in the field of automation. Thanks to the high qualification of our employees and modern production facilities, we implement the most daring and creative ideas. We demand maximum quality and reliability from our products. And the use of modular equipment makes it easy to upgrade and maintainability.

Main activity:

Automated measuring systems
Control controllers and remotes
Instruments and accessories

The company’s specialists are ready to help at any stage of design or development of the automation project. We provide a wide range of services, ranging from enterprise analysis for the future platform and uploading advice on the work of an already functioning system.

We are ready to offer you the following services:

  • conducting a pre-project survey, identifying project goals and objectives, analyzing the technical infrastructure and organizational structure of the client;
  • the formation of the feasibility study of the implementation of the proposed solutions, including complex hardware and software, prioritization of tasks, establishing the criteria for the work performed;
  • development of conceptual and technical projects: architecture definition, formation of requirements to complex of technical means with the agreement of the customer preparing the required documentation to the approved structure;
  • software development, configuration, purchase and installation of technical equipment;
  • development of working documentation: details of solutions developed during development, formation of necessary specifications for hardware and software;
  • commissioning, pilot operation and related tests, training of the customer’s personnel;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of a set of technical means, technical support for software, users, maintenance of a set of technical means;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of a set of technical means, technical support for software, users, maintenance of a set of technical means;
  • modernization of technical equipment, production lines and other industrial equipment. In many cases, upgrading equipment allows you to bring its characteristics to the requirements of modern production with minimal time and money. During the modernization process, obsolete and physically worn-out equipment components are replaced with modern devices that allow improving metrological and operational characteristics and adding new functionality.