Automated measuring systems

Automated measuring complex (AMS) is a set of technical means, block-modular design, United by a common algorithm of functioning, characterized by a common set of standardized metrological characteristics and intended for automated receipt of information about the object of measurement, its processing, storage and presentation in a form that is accessible to the user.

AMS developed by «Peter Soft» ltd. are individual integrated solutions that combine intuitive software, the accuracy of modern measuring devices and convenient design, which together increases the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of measurement results.

The applied measuring and control equipment meets the requirements for modern measuring equipment:

  • openness and modularity of hardware and software architecture, which makes it possible to increase the number and range of measurement channels, as well as software functionality;
  • minimal time and effort required to prepare for work due to the use of test databases, configurations, calibration, interface unification, and thorough training of personnel;
  • standardization of formats for the exchange of measuring data;
  • high metrological characteristics;
  • certification of developed complexes to confirm compliance of these technical devices with the norms and standards in force in Russia;
  • visibility and efficiency of obtaining reporting information on tests.