Industry 4.0 — complete services from the provision of machines and tools to the digital transformation of production

Our organization is ready to provide solutions at all stages of production, including design, production planning, engineering, and manufacturing, delivery, and service.

Main directions:

Supply of modern CNC machines and processing centers:

  • Portal and console 5-coordinate processing centers;
  • Vertical milling machining centers (including 5-coordinate);
  • Multipurpose Turning and Milling Machines;
  • Lathe processing centers;
  • Robotic systems of continuous production;
  • Supply of machines and centers for specific tasks of the customer.

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Production monitoring:

  • Automation of the production control process in real time;
  • Control of equipment usage and loading;
  • Estimate production losses

Production optimization:

  • Optimization of technological processes;
  • Reducing the output of defective products.

Management of idle times:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime;
  • Forecast the use of spare parts and consumables.

Production digitalization:

  • Equipment connection to the enterprise network;
  • Integration of adaptive management systems and production information systems.

Engineering services:

  • Assistance in selecting equipment and calculating performance;
  • Calculation of required quantity of equipment; Complex automation of production;
  • Installation and puskonaladka of the equipment; Education and training of personnel;
  • Implementation of management programs.