Development of monolithic microwave integrated circuits based on semiconductors А3В5

Our company is a design center specializing in the development of monolithic integrated circuits of the microwave and VHF band based on A3B5 semiconductors, as well as consulting services for the creation and application of ECB. Our experience allows to effectively implement complex projects with guaranteed result in the shortest possible time. In our work we use the experience of foreign colleagues, as well as advanced technologies of development and production.

We provide individual support to all customers at every stage of product development, from initial consultation to repetitive production. The company ‘s staff is made up of experienced development engineers. The development of ultra-high and extremely high frequency (microwave and VHF) technology is connected with the need to process constantly complicated radio signals and with the expansion of the operating frequency range of the created equipment. This leads to a natural increase in requirements for microwave and VHF instrumentation and, in particular, to signal power meters.

List of chips developed by our team:

  • Amplifiers (UM, LNA, buffer)
  • Attenuators (analog, discrete)
  • Phase changers (analog, discrete)
  • Switches (SPST, SPDT, NPNT)
  • Frequency multipliers (passive, active)
  • Frequency mixers
  • Passive circuits (filters, power splitters, equalizers, etc.)
  • Complex functional circuits (converters, vector modulators)

Interaction forms:

  1. Development of SHF MIS according to the Customer ‘s technical assignment
  2. Verification of schematic and topological solutions implemented by the Customer in their own projects on development of SHF MIS.
  3. Consulting services in terms of creation and application of SHF ECB